Know Your Benefits

You must know your benefits.  How sure are you that no extra benefits have been left on the table?  These are the benefits that took you a life time of hard work to earn. Click below to learn more!

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Medicare Penalties and Deadlines

So am I enrolled?  How do I enroll?  What happens if I don't enroll?  Can I wait to enroll?  Do I have credible coverage? There is a penalty for not enrolling in part D?... What if I don't need prescription coverage?  Why should I enroll in part B and pay a monthly premium?  Do I lose my Medicare coverage if I enroll in an Advantage plan?  Click below to find the answers to these questions along with any others you may have.

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Medicare Planning Guide

Medicare basics, Medicare plan options, tools and resources, circle of protection and most importantly...Your Piece of Mind all comes with your free Medicare Planning Guide.  Click below to learn how to receive your free Medicare Planning Guide.

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We offer services from most carriers in the state of Arkansas. We do not work for one particular carrier or company. 

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We are unique in a way that creates a trust with our growing number of clients by building lasting relationships backed by our always honest, caring and personable services and support.   

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We work with a group of professionals with over 50 combined years of experience in the field of Medicare.

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