Hospital Indemnity Plans

There are some unique ways to customize your coverage and to fill in the gaps of your Medicare Advantage or Medigap/supplement plans. 

Hospital Indemnity Plans are an inexpensive way to keep from paying those expensive daily copays. You can customize your Hospital Indemnity plans to suit your individual needs by adding additional riders to your Indemnity plan to cover things like Skilled Nursing, outpatient rehabilitation and Ambulance copays. 

Nursing homes

Long Term and Short Term Care Plans

Medicare does not help with 24-hour-a-day care at home. Medicare does not cover custodial care either. Custodial care consist of things like bathing, dressing, using the bathroom, etc... 

The national average cost (In 2016) for Long Term Care in the United States are as follows:

  • Nursing home with semi private room is $225/day or $6844/month.
  • Assisted living facility for a one-bedroom unit is $119/day or $3638/month.


Final expense

Life Insurance and Final Expense Plans

Social Security only pays $255 to your living spouse or family member when you die.  This does not even come close to the cost your loved ones will be responsible for.  

The National Funeral Directors Association list the national median cost of an adult funeral and burial in 2017 to cost $8755.  Planning for your final expense will help take the financial burden from your loved ones.

Circle of Protection1

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