Are you on Medicare and need help with prescription cost?

I talk to a lot of folks weekly who struggle with the cost of their prescriptions. Many of these wind up falling into the coverage gap or the donut hole at some point throughout the year. Drug cost become astronomically high for most that got the donut hole. In Arkansas there is a large portion of the Medicare population that qualifies for assistance with their drug cost and are unaware. There is a couple different ways to apply for this assistance. You can call our go by your local DHS office and apply. You can also go to to apply. The online option is a much easier and quicker way to start the application process. The extra help is all income based. If you or someone you know was receiving extra help with their prescriptions and they lost this benefit they probably need to reapply. This is a yearly thing. You must reapply every year or you will lose the extra help. Another nice thing to know…. If you are receiving extra help then you qualify for a SEP or a special election period each and every month to make changes to your Medicare Advantage or prescription drug plan. So if you are on a plan that is not working for you and you’re receiving extra help then you don’t have to wait until October to make a change.

If you have any questions fill out the form below and put your question in the comments section.  I’ll respond as quickly as possible.

Josh Davis

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